Porcelain Gallery

Central London, 2017

This project is a new build porcelain gallery and office accommodation for a UK leading tile distributor. The Workshop and it’s members have been involved at all stages and scales of this project. We have produced concept booklets to help achieve funding, we have produced historical booklets to help achieve planning approval, we have worked closely with Emma the ceramicist, Martin the metal worker, Mark the joiner, Luke the builder and Nicholas recording all stages to help build a team capable of delivering such a unique project. We are working with industry leading suppliers and their products to create a space that answers technical requirements, reacts to commercial considerations, reflects the conservation area, that is anchored within place and that directly caters for Architects and specifiers who will become the clients of this porcelain gallery. In the rear courtyard space, four shipping containers will become a new office. The ground level has three coloured red and the fourth container is coloured yellow and angled to orientate towards a mature Locust tree in the distance. Everything the visitor touches with their hand is made from clay and design by the Workshop in collaboration with our ceramicist.  The porcelain jewellery cabinets promote gathering and mode board discussion and they reference the history of Hatton Garden.

This project is the first new build office to be approved with shipping containers construction within a Conservation area in central London. The containers are sprayed hues of red and yellow to match the original glazed bricks of the surrounding Listed Buildings

From the buzzer entry button on the wicket door to the staircase handrail; everything the visitor touches will be made from clay and uniquely glazed by our ceramicist

The internal joinery cabinets on wheels that house the porcelain products are inspired by the jewellery and diamond trade cabinets in Hatton Gardens

This project has been chosen as a key destination for Clerkenwell Design Week 2017