Pink House

North London, 2016

We were approached by a young family to extend and transform a tired Victorian house. The Workshop team prepared, designed and cast a series of pigmented concrete samples for the project; with the final chosen colour being used to cast a new rear pink concrete wall with an integrated sliding window. Internally, pink plaster was left exposed as a final finish celebrating both the process of construction and unfinished aesthetic. Soft hues compliment the incoming furniture and lighting, collected by a family during their travels. The new rear family living and cooking space, was given an internal double height void that connects the ground and first floor through sight, sound and cooking smells. This subtle architectural idea connects the family whilst also giving them privacy. The void was filled with hanging plants to help connect with the rear courtyard. A 1:20 scaled model was made of these spaces that formed a key part of the presentation to the client.

In house testing informed the hues of pigmented concrete used for the extension

Pocket window in the kitchen allows the inside to merge with the outside