Collector’s House

South London, 2017 ongoing

The owner of this house is an Art Director for a major global fashion brand.  We have been working and making closely with her to help conceive a poetic transformation of a mid-terraced Victorian town house into her dream acts of dwelling.  The proposal includes inserting a structural concrete sculpture into the heart of the house that not only frames actions within a space but also becomes the pillar and the bathing area.  The new ground rear and side extension is sensitive to the existing architecture and it's context and is represented by a series of central pivoting timber doors with an extended eaves overhang.  A dressing room with life size mannequins forms the concept for her clothes collection and was inspired by Simon's trip to the Rodin Museum in Paris.  We cast a brick plaster model to develop the idea.  The project has full planning approval and is currently being priced by the Workshop members as specialist elements including the rear timber facade as a piece of moving joinery.

The house gets it's name from the clients collection of artefacts gathered from her extensive travels around the world

We embroidered a book for the client that encapsulates her ambitions for the dwelling

The Workshop produced a detailed analysis of the existing wall decay to ascertain whether or not any of the historic wallpaper and plaster could be used within the final finish palette