Intimate Immensities

9 March, 2019

"I miss the gladness, miss something or other that I should have previously done.  A point of departure, some evidence, the passing of a test in my own eyes."

Rainer de Rilke, Poet

Sometimes I feel like I need to achieve more.  You set yourself a goal, you achieve it, and you move onto another goal.  It sounds unhealthy, I know.  But it is always with me.  I often feel like I am close to achieving something, and then in my own eyes, I do not.  When researching new projects for clients, we use many precedent images and themes in presentations.  In doing so, I find the and research the latest people I admire, to see their work.  James Plumb, 6a and Al-Jawad Pike and many others.  After researching, something inspires and stirs within me to make.  It motivates me to work harder, meet new interesting craftspeople and to draw and travel more.  I know I don't compete with other designers, that is a ludricrous statement.  I actually complete with what I am capable of myself.  But I seem to fall short in my own eyes with my creative fulfilment.  Sometimes I am proud of myself, but only for a split second.  I pass a test in my own eyes when clients tell me of a moment they experienced within my architecture.  They felt total absorbent and relaxation when eating in our restaurants, completely warm and safe when going to bed or amazed with the quality of light they observed in their kitchen - these are the moments we live for in the Workshop and these moments are the ones that keep me making for our clients.  Intimate immensities.