Recalibrating our electrical thoughts

15 November, 2018

"Concentrating on images alone is like falling in love with a photograph of a person without ever meeting him or her."

John Paul Eberhard, Architect

The inspiring exhibition by Pierre Huyghe's at the Serpentine Gallery has me thinking about architecture.  He has taken thousands of neural images  of people's thoughts and stitched them into a series of short films.  Firing and Wiring.  When I think of a beautiful idea, images rush into my neurons and they reimagine past relative thoughts that I can research, recall and use to make the original idea more beautiful.  They recalibrate in my mind and I filter them to pursue an idea.  I just need to think it, and it happens.  With images in my head a new idea emerges, ready for me to sketch or make a model of.  Images of things online exist and are infused within our neurons and stored or released depending on their impact.  That is why I try to only see images that can make me a better Architect and person.  I guess, us Architects, possess skills that include turning these images into reality.  That is what our neurons do for us and that is what we practically and actually do.  Our brains recalibrate our electrical thought charges into our neurons through images that are sensed by us.  That is also what this piece of art does.  That is also what I do when designing you and your family a home.