What is beauty?

30 September, 2018

"I make clothes, women make fashion."

Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion Designer

If beauty exists only in the eye of the beholder, then how is it created?  I have a view of what beauty is, in people and architecture and things.  Can I create this beauty through my architecture?  Or can I merely create the sublime or elevated conditions for that beauty to appear within us?  Can I control what beauty you feel?  No one has ever made beauty.  You should not try to make beauty, merely answer authentic needs of humans and that there exists certain conditions under which beauty may consent to come to the beholders of that thing.  The Architect's vocation is to know these conditions and to acquire the skills and power of producing them.

If successful in producing this thing, beauty doesn't emanate out from the brushed copper tap into humans hearts and then beauty dwells within them - no.  You combine surfaces in an order that are not accidental - you produce a surface which is surrounded by light and an atmosphere.  Humans do not have the power to create beauty, merely the conditions for it to appear within ourselves.  Do you agree?