The Sunk Cost Fallacy of Architecture

21 September, 2018

“Winning is just one day, a reputation can last a lifetime. To have your own style, to have people copy you, to admire you. That’s the greatest gift.”

Johan Cruff, Footballer

I have too may sunken costs.  The fallacious way of making architecture means that the Workshop completes much work and gives much time to non paid ventures.  These paradoxical moves are correct.  These paradoxical moves are wrong.  Pitching for lucrative work whilst neglecting other projects and still having your full outgoings, attending events in and around jobs, for people, with people takes up much time and effort.  I am not good at spotting fallacies.  Architects are susceptible to pro bono work, it is infused in our DNA.  Why?  Because we care.  We care about people and we care about how architecture can change lives.  These ventures costs the Workshop time, money and dignity.  Architects know what I am talking about.  In order to make beautiful architecture, you design a chair for free as long as it can be made and sold in the cafe you re designing.  You give lectures around the UK in school's of architecture because you enjoy it and it gives your practise more awareness.  I will always have sunken costs, it is in my nature to give to people.  Some of errors in reasoning become great projects and we make great lifelong friends from them.  This is why I will always have fallacies.  But, it is time for the Workshop to be smarter about the fallacies it is involved in.