Following the Brush

27 August, 2018

“One of the oldest and most deeply ingrained of Japanese attitudes to literary style holds that too obvious a structure is contrivance, that too orderly an exposition falsified the ruminations of the heart, that the truest representation of the searching mind is just to follow the brush.”

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki

I have never felt compelled to search or aim for a conclusion.  Be that - in my life, in food I eat, art I visit or the architecture I make.  I am most content to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the destination.  If the present is good, the future will also be that.  Tanizaki urges us above to act in the same way through literary style and it is in this quote that I am sure following the urge to produce verbs moments for our clients should always supercede the nouns.   Kitchen.  Bedroom. Pantry.  These words are names given to spaces that define a concluded flat word.  Cooking. Communing.  Sleeping.  Dreaming.  Pickling.  Storing.  These words conjure actions of humans that then produce memories for families that use our designed spaces.  I want to make an architecture that is resolved enough in its detailing and thinking but that also allows the spaces for life to happen through verb actions.  I call them out-of-the-way spaces.  Unless a human performs an act while using my architecture, then I haven’t completed my job successfully.  Architects should try following the brush more.