What makes you happy?

9 September, 2018

"I often wonder whether things unemphasised in themselves haven't exerted the most profound influence on my development and my work; the encounter with a dog; the hours I spent in Rome watching a rope-maker, who in his craft repeated one of the oldest gestures in the world - as did the potter in a little village on the Nile; standing beside his wheel was indescribably and in a most mysterious sense fruitful for me..."

Rainer Maria Rilke, Poet

Peeling an orange peel in one piece

When a sketch goes well enough to scan

Making rules

Drinking water from my hands

Making architecture for people who appreciate it

Transcendental meditation

Reading non fiction



Giving time to charity


When an item crosses off my list

Food and wine

When I dive into the sea and the feeling on my skin transforms from cold to warm

Visiting an Aesop store

Cooking for my girlfriend

Sitting around a fire

Spending time with family and friends

Learning from crafts people



Breaking rules


Visiting ancient Architecture

Yorkshire puddings