3 July, 2018

"The realisation of motion in a static structure was exhilarating, the suspension and the suspense of it.  Putting your shoulder to part of a building, pushing it and having it give way reminds me of silent film comedies, which is the kind of humour I like.  Something as primitive as pushing stones."

Gordon Matta-Clark, Artist

We are inspired by many things - at the moment it is Gordon Matta-Clark and his Thresholes.  Thresholes are space conglomerates between holes and thresholds and we are introducing them into our projects.  Stripping, cutting, demolishing and revealing.  We insert thresholes into our projects to create acts of movement.  Movement for people, their senses, their communication, for smells and, most crucially, for the movement of light that feeds an atmosphere.  Working in central London on vertical, narrow Victorian plots, so much potential lies within a threshole.