Revealing the Origin

21 June, 2018

"The archaeologist cannot discover or reveal something from the office.  There they may speculate upon where to dig based upon information available.  But to actually reveal, the archaeologist needs to be at the end of the shovel, the trowel or the brush.  Furthermore, the act of archaeology draws of attention to the origins of architecture and illuminates the process adopted that allows elevation to occur."

Roger Tyrrell, Architect and Author

In his recently published book on Aalto, Utzon and Fehn, Roger Tyrrell explains how the etomology of the word 'architecture' is drawn from two Ancient Greek words: arch [meaning 'of the origin'] and techne [meaning a 'drawing forth' or 'revealing'].  In the same way Roger elucidates the key characteristics of an archaeologist, to actually reveal, the architect must too be concerned with the actual revealing of the origin, otherwise it is a mere drawing or building.

The Architect reveals the origin through building.  Architects being builders is not a new thing, the Ancients did it, I have met developer Architects who do it and we are currently collaborating with maker Architects and in the Workshop we make too.  I undeniably learn the most about myself and the architecture I make, by learning through making.  Having as vision or origin of an idea or space or action is one thing, but I have learnt over the last 10 years building in London, making it a reality, is something very different.  The dissatisfaction of some elements of the process of revealing the origin is almost always outweighed by the satisfaction of revealing the origin to others - through materials fused together in physical space.  Once you reveal the origin, it resonates within you and itself and others.