Breath in the fumes of your own exhaust

1, September 2018

"Clay is life, plaster death, and marble the resurrection."

Bertel Thorvaldsen, Danish Sculptor

The great neo-classical sculptor describes above his process of making.  From excitement, to despair towards exhilaration.  I can sympathise with him.  Making architecture in one of the world's great capitals, has a similar feel.  It takes it's toll.  It is always beautiful, and then tragic and then agreeable.  The concept design is the life, the planning and regulations and pricing the death, and the construction is the resurrection.  How can it be that the same project adopts these dichotomous states?  Why is the clay and concept life?  Is it because it is fresh and anew and exciting and the beginning of an unknown journey - Malleable.  Why is plaster or the process of making architecture less satisfactory or harder?  Is it because it is real?  Does it have less spirit for the architect?  But it has to be embraced.  I am forever contradicting myself in this journal.  I am aware that I've talked before about embracing the process, Christo and Jean-Claude taught me that, but here I am irritated by it.  I keep reminding myself that obstacles are good things, because they are signals that you are moving forward.