Spanning the Chasm between two Contradictions

18 January, 2018

"As once the winged energy of delight

carried you over childhood's dark abysses,

now beyond your own life build the great

arch of unimagined bridges.

Take your practiced powers and stretch them out

until they span the chasm between two


Rainer Maria Rilke, Poet

Rilke is affecting me.  I am nearly finished with my second book about his letters and poetry.  In seven carefully curated lines, he encourages me to leave a legacy.  He inspires me to overcome adversity.  He gives me more confidence in practicing my powers.  He gives me strength.  He makes me want to advance beyond my childhood dreams.  He pushes me to impose upon humanity, through culture, building the arch of a previously unimagined bridge.  He reminds me I'm an Architect.  He forces me to question myself.  He communicates to me synaptically more powerfully than most people can, in my living life.  He forces me to question everything.  He makes me feel architecture is unimportant.  He makes me want to draw.  He makes me want to write.  He makes me want to paint.  He makes me want to make.  He inspires me to keep encouraging others.  He motivates me to span the chasm between two contradictions.