Ballad of the Black Gold

9 September, 2017

"Humans will always have the capacity and desire to invade, exploit and impose their wills upon others.  In our ancient world it was for power, money and control.  In our contemporary world it is for power, money and control.  The construction industry operates in a similar way.  But recently we have met private individuals and developers who do not possess these traits who are entrusting within the Workshop.  This gives us hope, as humans need to realise that empathy, humility and authenticity are the traits that are now needed in this industry and in this world."


Nigeria is celebrating 50 years of independence
They still feel the colonial effects of Great Britain's presence
Dictators - quick to imitate the West -
Got in bed with oil companies and now the place a mess
Take a guess which ones came and violated?
They oiled up the soil, the Ogoni people were almost annihilated
But still they never stay silent, there were activists and poets
Using - none violent tactics - that was catalyst for soldiers to
Break into their cribs and take it from their kids
And try to break them like a twig
And make examples of these leaders execute the soil where we were
They through his mum straight out of the window
Right after they beat her
In the effort to defeat hope, now the people feet soaked,
In oil - so the youth and doing drive bys in speedboats
To kidnaps the workers, who are blowing up pipelines
You see the fires glowing in the night time

You never see happy hungry people - that ain't rational
They blasting through the gates and attack you at the capital
Run up in your palace, find the head of state and attack you
Get the taste of power and they become bastards too
The fiscal conservatives - don't know what their purpose is
Spend money on the war, then cut the good and services
Murderess corporate monsters is breaking records
Making 40 billion a year, they raking in record profits - STOP IT
How they banking while the auto industry is tanking?
Leadership is sanking, the pollution in the water is stanching
Loyalty - to petroleum, royalties, spoil the economy
We won't get it popping until we oil free
If you oil rich then we invading
They call it an occupation, but we losing jobs across the nation
Drill baby drill - while they make our soldiers kill
The desert - where the blood and oil spills.

by Talib Kweli Greene