Architects are stupid

8 August, 2017

"In a study done to architects in the 1970's, it was found that there was a minimum IQ of around 120 necessary for creativity [which nearly all architects met], but beyond this threshold there was no correlation between increased IQ and creativity."

Harry Mallgrave, architect and author

Are architects less intelligent than other professions?  Why does it take us an unusually long time to become successful?  Is it because we are less intelligent than other professions?  Or is it because our profession has more information to acquire?  The study completed to which the above quotes alludes, was completed on a primary level of research.  Since this research was undertaken, science has proven that architects have an enlarged hippocampus area of the brain, which controls spatial orientation and memory.  Our ability to construct an environment in our brains within milliseconds give us an unique skill that not many other professions possess.  While reading Harry Mallgraves seminal book, The Architects Brain, I have learnt that you cannot just receive an education and become a talented architect, sit back and reap the rewards.  The brain is too advanced to allow that to happen.  Instead, you need to continue feeding the brain, exploring new realms, reading and sketching incessantly, all of this fires up the gray matter and the previous learnt things that make you more creative.  We need to make new neural pathways every day, through travel, sketching, reading, analysis, memory recall.  That is what defines us as a profession.  As the inventor of the light bulb affirms, genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.