Superintendent of the Dies

20 June, 2017

"While I was working I was very often visited by Michelangelo Buonarroti.  I took great pains on this medal; I broke new ground in my design for the figure, and in the way I expressed the fierceness of an animal;  and the divine Michelangelo was quite unfamiliar with my method of working.  As a result of this he praised my work so highly that I began to burn with ambition to do really well."

Benvenuto Cellini, Renaissance Goldsmith and Sculptor

I always encourage others to surround themselves with inspiring and talented people.  Other Architects great work enlivens my spirits and uplifts me to their level - and hopefully beyond.  When I sense their beautifully executed achievements, I become more anxious to rival them and push myself ahead more than ever before.  There is not a desire to compete with them to their detriment, but there is a desire for us all to keep pushing one another and experimenting, moving architecture forward.  I have always had this healthy competition with friends from early school through sports.  With this silent collaborative and contesting approach between me and Workshop members, other Architects, friends and collaborators, architecture as a whole and it's clients will always be the winners.  We have a rivalled kindness.  When someone you respect or look up to gives me praise and confidence, like Benvenuto, I too burn with ambition to do really well.