Sharing is Caring

5 November, 2017

"It's very difficult to explain the Workshop in an hour and a bit."

Ricardo Bofill, RIBA lecture

I read a book two years ago called Hidden Connections by Fritjof Capra and it helped changed the way I view the Workshop.  I recommend this book to all people.  Instead of protecting our design currency from others - we now share it.  Instead of having a pyramid corporate structure we have a level playing field [view my journal post on flocking].  Instead of architectural exclusivity, we promote idea sharing, inclusivity and collaboration.  One of the ways I'd like to continue the Workshop along this pathway is to invite it's members and like minded souls to write guest journal posts.  Starting in November 2017 indefinitely, once a month, others will be contributing to this journal post too.  The title, the text, the image and the quote used will be their own choice and their own subjective view on the topic of their choice - not mine.  I've found over the last year or so, myself reverting and referring back to this journal post to help me explain and discuss things to clients, it is becoming a resource for me and hopefully for others too.  This is it's ultimate goal.