The Narcissistic, Sadistic and Masochistic Architect

21 May, 2017

"What it is, is. What it is not, is not."

Parmenides, Greek Philosopher

The narcissist Architect has an excessive or even erotic interest in their self and their physical appearance. Their physical appearance is manifested through the construction of their egoist Architecture and projected onto the external facing elevation that confronts the world. It screams 'look at me' and 'notice me'. This almost egotistical self regarding of oneself is evident in many architects work and we can all name the famous one's who possess this trait. The sadistic Architect gets perverse pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation upon those they work with. This includes the complete disregard for and treatment of other construction trades and professions. The heartless behaviour of the Master Architect includes demanding that their concept is built at the ruthless expense of a clients budget, brief and desires and at the expense of human comfort. These Architects have reached such a high level of cultural regard, their treatment of the people around them whom help them achieve their goals is unwaveringly sadistic. The masochistic Architect gains delight in confronting uncomfortable truths or activities generally considered painful or tedious. Architecture is a beautiful and complicated profession with one foot in the construction world and one foot in the metaphysical world. Some of the comments you will find on online platforms derive pleasure from hurting others and derive pleasure by being comical and thus seeking acceptance from fellow Architect readers.

During my time studying and making architecture, I have witnessed the above three traits in Architects. Of course, these three traits are not limited to Architecture, far from it. I started the Workshop to directly confront these bad ways of praxis and to promote the complete antithesis of these ways of being and thinking and living and making Architecture. The selfless, humane and compassionate Architect.