17 April, 2017

"If the body had been easier to understand, nobody would have thought that we had a mind."

Richard Rorty, Philosopher

You and your body have become detached from its physical environment and your ancestry. Your ancestors walked vast distances to trades goods, they used their hands to make food and tools and their bodies to catch their diner. Now you don't exercise much and drink and eat plenty. On an equal or more deceiving footing, in the buildings you inhabit, the architect or designer has failed to acknowledge your body and your senses in a similar way that you have. They have delightedly, however, produced a cohesive set of 3D visualisation fly throughs to entice you to purchase an expensive apartment. It's ok though, because the as part of the service charge you can visit the basement gym provided, with no natural light or natural ventilation. Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus talked a lot about the hygiene of the optical and the health of the visible in architecture and design. Western philosophy has led you down the wrong pathways. You need to quickly start understanding your body better and what it was made for. What materials you choose to surround yourself with have an effect on your thinking and behaviour and happiness. In the same way, the materials you consume have an effect on your embodiment in the ecstatic world.