The Abomination of Obamas Nation

23 June, 2017

“The Stone Age did not end because humans ran out of stones. In the same way, the Petroleum Age will not end because we will run out of petroleum. It will end because we will have developed superior technologies.”

Hunter Lovins, Writer

This journal post is not about politics. I don’t know anything about politics. This journal post is about the problems we face as humans with climate change, globalisation, society, culture, technology and architecture. I sense endless connections between the small problems we face building architecture in London with global cultural issues and I'm interested in trying to understand them. It is so hard to get things done in this amazing city of ours - London. Introducing a cultural idea within our architecture is met with contradictory planning legislation, planning conditions, section 106 agreements and enforcements officers following ill informed and incorrect neighbour complaints. Most of my time is spent wadding through the bogs of officialdom in order to achieve culture in our architecture. What do we mean by Culture?

The term Culture is used extensively and has a long history of meaning. We can trace the noun back to its original meaning as a cultivation of crops for farming. Today we talk in terms of cultivating the mind and a cultured person. Today the word has many meanings and references, we have a Culture Secretary, a Corporate Culture and a Cultural Identity to name but a few. People from different cultures have different overlapping complex beliefs and value systems. Culture and architecture are subconsciously woven and embedded within our historical human landscapes and the easy task for architects is identifying the relevant ones for certain projects. Architects have the opportunity to reinforce cultural identities in subtle ways. The difficult part for an architect is making them a reality. Few can do this successfully. We need to fight for our culture, our planet and for our societies, I can only attempt to do this through the conduit of making architecture.