The Bridge of Trust

30 June, 2017

“My job is to teach you to get into position with possession in the first two-thirds of the pitch, the last third is you only and your instinct.”

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona Manager to Thierry Henry, Footballer

A very close and tall friend of mine who runs his own architectural practice explained the Bridge of Trust to me.  The B.O.T is a physical bond made between client and architect physically and literally on site.  They hold hands and form a pyramid shape and encourage all other people in the site meeting to pass underneath the B.O.T.  This is a fun marketing team building exercise, but for me, it can reveal and teach us more.  I've always performed more to my maximum when I have felt part of something more important than just me.  The greatest motivators of our time in sport and construction industries usually have the most successful teams working for them.  Making other people who work with you feel part of something worthwhile, guiding and teaching them whilst simultaneously letting them get on with their work is that key vital balance.  My job is to teach Workshop members what architecture my body is sensing - I can do this through describing, sketching, drawing and modeling.  This enables them to understand it to a certain level, but the architecture becomes their possession when they make it, or specify it or change it for the better, then it becomes an architecture of their body - and that is important for motivation.